Two Indian origin women appointed as the judges to criminal and civil courts

Two Indian origin women, Judge Archana Rao and Judge Deepa Ambedkar have been appointed as judges to criminal and civil courts. The judges were appointed by New York mayor Bill de Blasio. Judge Archana Rao is appointed to criminal court of New York and Judge Deepa Ambedkar is appointed to civil court in New York. These appointments were effective from 1 January 2020.

Judge Archana Rao:
Rao graduated from Vassar College. She received her Juris Doctor degree from Fordham University School of Law. She served with the New York County District Attorney’s Office for 17 years. She also worked as the Bureau Chief of the Financial Frauds Bureau. In January 2019, she was appointed as an Interim Civil Court Judge. In 2013, Judge Archana was included on the Asian Women Prosecutors and the Pursuit of Justice in the 2013 list.

Judge Deepa Ambedkar:
Judge Ambedkar graduated from the University of Michigan. She received her Juris degree from Rutgers Law School. In May 2018, Ambedkar was appointed as an Interim Civil Court judge. She worked at the New York City Council as a Senior Legislative Attorney and Counsel to the Committee on Public Safety. She also served as a Staff Attorney with the Legal Aid Society and Criminal Defense Division.

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