Scientists declared a climate emergency

Scientists have declared a climate emergency across the world. 11,258 signatories from more than 153 countries, including 69 from India, presented the trends in climate change. They also provided a set of effective mitigating actions.

Climate emergency:
The declaration was based on the scientific analysis of more than 40 years of publicly available data. The data covered a broad range of measures, including surface temperature, energy use, deforestation, population growth, polar ice mass, land clearing, fertility rates, gross domestic product, and carbon emissions.
The researchers said that climate change has arrived and is accelerating faster than many scientists expected. The coalition of scientists across the world led by Ripple and Christopher Wolf from the Ohio State University (OSU) of the US pointed to six areas in which humanity should take immediate steps to slow down the effects of a warming planet. The six suggested steps are energy, short-lived pollutants, nature, food, economy, and population.

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