Rajasthan government has launched Student Police Cadet (SPC) scheme

The Rajasthan government has launched Student Police Cadet (SPC) scheme, a Police training program, for class 8 and 9 students on July 18. The training aims to curb rising adolescent delinquency and strengthen teenagers mentally and physically. Also, it aims to make the students aware of basic laws and legal procedures.
All aspects of public and personal life have been developed for the SPC training.
It would be imparted at three levels which includes:
♦ indoor classes
♦ outdoor activities
♦ visits to relevant places and offices

The training programme was jointly initiated by the state education and police departments. The program will be made available in the selected government schools in the current academic session.

Implementation of the Programme:
The SPC training programme has been launched successfully in 930 state government schools and 70 Kendriya Vidyalayas. The schools that were selected for the SPC training programme would be granted Rs.1 lakh for the two-year course.
Under the program, the students would be trained as Student Police Cadets (SPC). They would also render voluntary services in public functions such as the Republic Day and Independence Day in their respective areas. So far, the project has been implemented in 39 schools of the Rajasthan State.

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