Indian Railways installed two Health ATMs at the Charbagh railway station

The Indian Railways (IR) has installed two Health ATMs at the Charbagh railway station in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The kiosks will provide 16 health check-ups for Rs.50-100. It was installed and promoted by YOLO Health ATM. The move aims to achieve the objectives of the Fit India programme. Health ATMs are used by 50-60 persons daily.

Health ATMs:
Two types of check-ups can be done the Health ATMs.
1) A 6-minute type check-up that costs Rs.50
2) A 9-minute type check-up that costs Rs.100
The report will be delivered instantly to the email or the smartphone of the user. The ATMs help commuters to check their health conditions at a low cost. The check-ups include the body mass index (BMI), blood pressure (BP), body fat, hemoglobin, metabolic age, muscle mass, weight, height, temperature, muscle mass, basal metabolic rating, visceral fat, oxygen saturation, pulse rate, blood glucose, bone mass. A medical attendant staffs the Health ATMs at the railways.
YOLO is planning to install similar Health ATMs in Bareilly and Moradabad of Uttar Pradesh. The NorthEastern Railway has decided to extend the primary health check-up facility to other stations such as Gorakhpur, Gonda, Prayagraj, and Basti.

What is Health ATM?
Health ATMs are private, walk-in medical kiosks with integrated medical devices for neurology, cardiology, pulmonary testing, gynecology, basic laboratory testing, and emergency facilities, and basic vitals.

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