Find the Incredible You campaign of the Tourism Ministry won PATA Gold Award 2019

Ministry of Tourism’s campaign named “Find the Incredible you” won the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Gold Award 2019
The award is won under the “Marketing – Primary Government Destination” category.
The awards got up to 198 entries from 78 organizations.
Ministry of Tourism has its promotional initiatives annually releases Global Media Campaigns under the ‘Incredible India’
The brand-line in the Television, Print, Digital and Social Media, in key and potential source markets overseas.
The annual release of Global Media Campaigns under the ‘Incredible India’ brand-line in the Television, Print, Digital, and Social Media in key and potential source markets overseas.

Aim: The campaign mainly focuses on digital and social media and the promotion of niche tourism products of the country.

About Incredible India 2.0 
‘Incredible India 2.0’ Campaign launched in September 2017 from generic promotions undertaken across the world to market-specific promotional plans and content creation.
The campaign focuses on digital and social media and the promotion of Niche Tourism products of the country.
Around five new television commercials were produced by the Ministry, which was aired globally in the television, digital and social media.
They are
Yoga: “The Yogi of the Racetrack”
Wellness: “The Reincarnation of Mr. and Mrs. Jones”
Luxury: “The Maharani of Manhattan”
Cuisine: “The Masala MasterChef”
Wildlife: “The Sanctuary in Paris”

The campaign strategy to shift the focus from the external experience of tourist destinations to the internal experience of travelers themselves.
This series of transformative experiences brought alive through unique storytelling in the format of autobiographies of travelers.
The tagline used is“Find the Incredible You”.
The series of films received a very good response and have registered over 153 million views on social media.
They were awarded the First Prize in the category of TV Cinema Spot at the International Golden City Gate Tourism Awards at Berlin in March 2019.
PATA Gold Awards provided to tourism industry organizations and individuals making an outstanding contribution towards the successful promotion of the travel industry.
The winners of the awards set industry standards for excellence and innovation and serve as examples for others to follow.

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