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Serially sorry : Kejriwal may have cut his losses with his apologies but also undercut AAP’s credibility

It makes for a sorry sight: chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, anti-corruption crusader and truth-teller, the great cleansing force in politics, is now eating all his words. After abjectly apologising to Akali leader Bikram Singh Majithia last week, furnishing no reason for his change of mind, he has now also retracted his allegations against Union minister Nitin Gadkari and Congress leader Kapil Sibal’s son, Akhil.
Given the number of loose allegations he has made against other politicians and electorally profited from, and the number of legal challenges he has invited, there’s a lot more humble pie to get through. Kejriwal and his supporters cast this as a pragmatic move – that he would rather focus on governing Delhi than being enmeshed in legal battles. But that blanket explanation does not cover up the fact that this action leaves him with less credibility than ever before; which of his claims in those days of drama and dharna were sincere, what were ‘political’, what was true, what was false? His ideological flexibility was once an advantage, it enabled the AAP to knit together a broad coalition that wanted to believe in it. But beyond a point, being too slippery and politic may have diminishing returns in politics, if voters don’t know what you stand for.
AAP’s Punjab unit finds itself with its main plank of opposition taken out from under its feet. Kejriwal may have cut his losses, but his colleagues in the state have suffered a loss of face. For all his talk of decentralisation Kejriwal has never been big on taking his party organisation along. AAP in Delhi has concentrated on the urban poor, focussing on public schools, healthcare, etc – perhaps now, it will try to consolidate those gains rather than make big promises about draining the swamp of national politics.

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