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Oestrogen armies: How the world will be a better place when its war rooms are run by women

Avani Chaturvedi became the first Indian woman to fly a fighter aircraft. An IAF spokesperson said it demonstrated the air force’s commitment to ‘nari shakti’. Actually this is a growing trend across the world. Women are becoming soldiers, bomber pilots, colonels, generals. India got its first full time woman defence minister in Nirmala Sitharaman. The march of technology renders men’s traditional advantages obsolete. Targeting a lethal drone from 5,000 km away needs brain not brawn. As the world’s armies gradually lose testosterone and gain oestrogen, international affairs may well become more synergetic.
Steven Pinker has correctly observed that men have dominated armies, “occupying the top slots in history’s long list of conquering maniacs, bloodthirsty tyrants, and genocidal thugs”, while women have been a pacifying force. It follows that when women run the war rooms, not only will patriarchal orthodoxy be toppled but also the countless ways in which it glorifies gory theatres of war, even drawing young civilian males into ritual worship of aggressive rather than collaborative logic. Some of these indoctrinated men joke that if women ran the world there wouldn’t be wars, just intense negotiations day after day. But surely the joke’s on them. Surely if a distinctly feminine leadership translates into successful diplomacy, that will heal the world much more effectively than hormonally overloaded men mimicking Rambo.
There is no question, however, of women being weaker fighters. Around the same time as flying officer Avani Chaturvedi was making history in Gujarat’s skies, in Haryana a cellphone video of a woman fighting off five men to save her husband was going viral. Nari shakti is constantly protecting loved ones. It will be transformative in defence and security affairs too.

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