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Chinks in NDA: From 2014 BJP was NDA and NDA was BJP. Now Naidu chooses to differ

Acche din for BJP is not without its share of cloudy prospects, even imminent thunderstorms. Upbeat after wresting three more governments in the north-east, BJP will view the falling out with TDP – its only consequential southern ally – and the resignation of two TDP ministers as a setback of sorts. Andhra Pradesh (AP) chief minister Chandrababu Naidu needs to urgently address perceptions at home that he failed to extract concessions from the Centre despite steadfast support. With general elections a year away, BJP may need to pay more attention to its allies. But as the resignation of two BJP ministers from the Andhra cabinet shows, the party is not one to let a provocation go unanswered.


TDP is subtly waving the bait of a probable hung parliament in 2019 when the likes of Naidu will become kingmakers, but BJP is refusing to bite. Before Naidu, it was Shiv Sena that announced plans to contest 2019 alone. If BJP is tempted to draw closer to Jagan Mohan Reddy’s YSR Congress Party, Naidu has pre-empted this by portraying denial of special category status for Andhra as a “betrayal” by BJP. In effect YSRCP, poised to reap anti-incumbency sentiment against TDP, must tread with caution to avoid attracting voter ire directed at BJP. Recall that Jagan had enthusiastically backed Ram Nath Kovind in the presidential elections, driving a wedge in the TDP-BJP alliance.


On special status for Andhra, the loss of Hyderabad to Telangana after bifurcation has robbed AP of key revenue generating districts and Naidu is looking to compensate by creating a strong industrial base for Andhra’s predominantly agrarian economy. He needs tax concessions that other successor states like Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand benefited from or the central GST refund concessions that accrue to backward states like Jammu & Kashmir and north-east, despite the current irrelevance of special category after the 14th Finance Commission award.


After Lok Sabha bypoll and civic body losses in Rajasthan and a close contest in Gujarat – both states where BJP recorded a clean sweep in 2014 – the Naidus, Thackerays and Badals could become big players again. Even imperious leaders like Julius Caesar and Winston Churchill needed allies. In having to stoop to conquer, Prime Minister Narendra Modi can take comfort from being in elite company. BJP may dominate national politics, nevertheless the prospect of going into a general election alone is too risky.


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