Cabinet approvals on 6 November

The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has approved the following on 6 November 2019.

The list of Cabinet approvals:
1) The Cabinet approved the MoU signed between India and Maldives on Training and Capacity-Building Programme for Maldivian Judicial Officers in India. The MoU aimed to promote cooperation between India and Maldives in judicial and other legal areas and enable the exchange of knowledge and technology in training and capacity building.
2) Cabinet gave ex-post facto approval for the MoUs between India and German for collaboration in the field of rehabilitation, occupational Diseases, and vocational training of Insured Persons with disabilities. The MoU will help to exchange information and promoting activities in the area of rehabilitation related to medical, occupational, and social rehabilitation of Insured Persons with disabilities. It will also help in the prevention, detection, and treatment of occupational diseases.
3) The Cabinet approved the MoU between India and Bangladesh on withdrawal of 1.82 cusecs of water from Feni River by India for drinking water supply schemes for Sabroom town Tripura, India. By implementing the scheme, 7000 population of Sabroom town will be benefitted.
4) Cabinet approved the MoU signed between India and Paraguay. The MoU aimed to strengthen cooperation in the field of Tourism. The MoU was signed in New Delhi on 27th September 2019. It will expand bilateral cooperation in the tourism sector. The MoU will allow the exchange of information and data related to tourism. It will also promote safe, honourable, and sustainable tourism.
5) The cabinet approved the MoU signed between India and Brazil in the field of Health and Medicine. The MoU will be signed in November 2019. The MoU encourages cooperation between India and Brazil through joint initiatives, technology development in the health sector, and development of research in the health sector.
6) The Cabinet approved the signing of the Protocol that amends the Convention between India and Brazil to avoid double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income. It will augment the flow of investment through lowering of tax rates in source State on interest, royalties, and fees for technical services.
7) The Union Cabinet approved the MoU signed between India and Switzerland on Technical Cooperation in the field of Climate Change and Environment. The agreement was signed in Switzerland on 13 September 2019. The MoU will enable establishment and promotion of closer and long-term cooperation between the two countries in the field of environmental protection and management of natural resources on the reciprocity, the basis of equity, and mutual benefits, taking into account the applicable laws and legal provisions in each country.
8) Cabinet also approved the Cadre Review of Posts and Telegraphs Building Works Service, Group A. The number of Duty posts has been fixed by the Centre is 105. It will strengthen the cadre structure both at the headquarters and in the field units of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) and Department of Posts on the basis of functional requirements.
9) Cabinet approved the MoU signed between India and Guinea in the field of Renewable Energy. It aimed to encourage and promote bilateral technical cooperation in the field of renewable energy on the basis of Small Hydro Storage,  mutual benefit, equality, and reciprocity between the countries. The MoU will benefit the areas of cooperation, including Small Hydro Storage, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Bio-energy, and Waste to energy, and Capacity Build.
10)The Union Cabinet approved to establish a Special Window fund to provide priority debt financing to complete the stalled and pending housing projects that are in the Affordable and Middle-Income Housing sector. It also said that the government should act as the Sponsor, and the total commitment to be infused by the Government would be up to Rs.10,000 crore.

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